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Chester Jerrat How It Works

Posted on September 28, 2016

A photo by Aaron Burden. is a place to learn to write better. Anyone can post an article, and anyone can view it. It’s a place to meet writers with similar interests and host your own writing – all entirely free with no ads!

By default, every new member is a ‘New Writer’.  Through using the site you can earn points, for example by: making posts, commenting and visiting the site. As you gain points, your ‘Writer Rank’ will change. Once you reach 200 points you will become a ‘Writer’, when you reach 500 points you will become an ‘Experienced Writer’ etc. A full list of ranks, along with how to get points, is available at the bottom of this page.

Having a higher Writer Rank will allow you more privileges on the site, for example Experienced Writers can write featured articles.

So start writing, there’s no limiting your creativity. The only rule is please don’t post any explicit or overly NSFW content.

Features that can be added on popular request:
Activity Feeds

Writer Rank Points
New Writer 0-199
Writer 200-499
Experienced Writer 500-999
Staff Writer 1000-1999
Junior Editor 2000 – TBD
Editor TBD
Section Editor TBD


Action Points
Registering 5
Daily Site Visit 1
Article Visit (max 5 per day) 1
Posting 50
Commenting 5
Referring sign up 20
Referring Visit 1
Hits on your posts (no max!) 1/view


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