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Monthly Archives: September 2016

A photo by Aaron Burden. How It Works is a place to learn to write better. Anyone can post an article, and anyone can view it. It’s a place to meet writers with similar interests and host your own writing – all entirely free with no ads! By default, every new member


Analysis of harry potter and the cursed child

WARNING SPOILERS Harry potter and the Cursed Child was great, it showed a different side of Harry. I really like how it got rid of the whole Slytherin being evil thing. The play showed how far people would go to get power. I think that all the


Why having bad handwriting gives you better exam results!

I could have filled this article with made up rubbish, saying “people with bad handwriting are statistically more intelligent” or “people with bad handwriting are more creative” – but this isn’t Buzzfeed (kidding, love you Buzzfeed). People with bad handwriting aren’t any more or less

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